Journey Back In Time a Thousand Years

Geocaching Megaevent

Please observe the following during your stay at the Mega Event, in order to protect animals:

  • Do not feed horses - one treat looks harmless, but there will be a lot of us and more treats can seriously endanger your horse's life.
  • Do not go behind the corrals - there are livestock around the grounds.
  • Always keep dogs on a leash, under control and clean up after them.

Park in the designated area to the left of the driveway. Please park considerately so as not to obstruct others from exiting.

Please have cash ready in small bills. Euros are accepted, change returned in Czech crowns.

Card payment options on the premises are very limited. Well, the Middle Ages ;-)

Due to the remoteness of the location, it can be good to be prepared and download for possible offline, including maps.

Megaevent LABs will have five series - all of them will be in and around the venue.

The event takes place in the countryside - watch the weather forecast and equip yourself for a stay in nature accordingly.

And most important - please really do not feed horses. Not even a little bit.

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We invite you to travel back in time to the time when the Přemyslid princes ruled Bohemia.
All this and perhaps even more will take place at the Curia Vítkov fortress near Chrastava
Saturday, April 29, 2023 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • You will see the courtyard, which has been built by a group of enthusiasts using original methods for a quarter of a century
  • Explore the medieval buildings, workshops, kitchen or garden
  • Try your hand at medieval crafts, or just see how skilled our ancestors were
  • Shoot historic weapons if you have the courage and strength
  • Quench your thirst in a tavern where there are no windows, but always a good mood
  • Buy souvenirs - both medieval and geocaching
  • Satisfy your hunger at a refreshment stand
  • Enjoy views far into Bohemia and neighbouring countries
  • Record your participation in the original logbook
  • And there are plenty of geocaches and LABs to visit for the rest of the weekend
By participating in the event you will contribute to the next important stage of the building of the yard - the construction of the church. This will gradually grow over the next few years, using original building techniques

Entrance 100 CZK, children up to the height of the battle axe for free

Transport to the event

By car
The motorway leads to Chrastava, with a bit of luck you can get to the event from Prague in an hour and a half, for example.
It will be possible to park on the large area in front of the venue
By public transport
To Chrastava and further on your own
By bike or on foot
The road from Chrastava to the courtyard is uphill, but through beautiful countryside

Side events

Friday April 28 evening - welcome event


Sunday April 30 morning - CITO event https://coord.info/GCA4ZDE

Sunday April 30 evening - good-bye event https://coord.info/GCA4ZDE

Monday May 1 morning - refreshing evet https://coord.info/GCA59EH

Geocaching events

Events are meetings of geocachers. Events offer opportunity to meet other geocachers and interesting program.

Bigger events are called mega or giga events. In order to achieve megaevent status the event must have 300 or more registered participants. In order to achieve gigaevent status event must have minimum 3000 registered geocachers. Geocachers register through Will Attend log.